A former student who is Korean gifted me with this once ,and now I am hooked. I feel I have more energy-the good kind, not the jittery kind (don't drink at night) and though hard to explain perhaps more 'clarity' and 'focus' if I am working on something. It is a very, very thick syrup. A word of warning-it's very bitter. I use their little spoon and put it in my hot green tea, but with a good tablespoon of raw honey. Though expensive, it lasts for months because you only use maybe a quarter of a teaspoon. I much prefer this to pills-it's very pure. Just FYI, Korea exports the best Ginseng tea in the world per my online research.


Korean red ginseng boosts my immune system. I didn't get flu this winter since I have taken this korean red ginseng extract. I feel less tired and it seems my metabolism goes up. It even helps my memory and I can focus on my daily work better. I'd love to recommend this brand to everyone. It's authentic and this company has more than 100 years history. The best health supplement and the price I paid is worth it. First time I took this, I felt bitter but it gets easier and now I kinda enjoy this flavor. It's strong a bit but bitter is better as my grandma said.

By Eddie Kim